Supported platforms

All Pocket PCs are supported.

If you do not know which version is right for you, just download “Pocket Mindmap.exe” or “Pocket” to your PC and execute it. Active Sync will care for the installation on your Pocket PC device. (That’s by the way the reason why the file is so large (4MB) – it contains all versions!).
Only if you do not have a PC for the installation, or if you like to carry the installation program with you on a storage card, it makes sense to use the CAB files instead. Those files are specific to the type of processor your device is using.  Very often, the "Pocket" will be the right one, because al newer Pocket PCs  (since 2002) are based on an ARM compatible processor. Some older devices, like the Casio E125 (MIPS) or the HP Jornada 545 have another processor (SH3).
Casio E200 again uses an ARM processor.

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