If Performance is important for you when you work with Pocket Mindmap, you may take advantage of the following tips and information to get the most out of your device.


  • Bezier Curves
    they look nice and smooth, but the Pocket PC has to to a lot of calculations for them. If you switch the off, navigating your map will be much faster. You can always switch them on to take screenshots for a presentation.
  • Task Synchronization
    If you have created Tasks and set them for synchronization with Pocket Outlook, Pocket Mindmap has to do this every time the applications get or loose the focus to keep tasks always in sync. Of course, this is at a cost.  You can deceide to have the job only done when saving or loading a mindmap document. Changes on Tasks you do in Pocket Mindmap are immediately sent to Pocket Outlook anyway.
  • Big Maps
    If you Map grows very big, Pocket Mindmap has a lot of calculations to do. You can reduce the load by promoting parts of you map into sub maps (which are still in the same file) or for an even better result by creating more than one file, distributing your topics to them. They can be richly interconnected and navigated by hyperlinks.
  • Clear Type™
    while we are not sure if Clear Type™ has a performance hit at all, you can disable it in Pocket Mindmaps options to judge for yourself.