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Import Dialog


Please enter a filename into the edit box. The drop down list contains up to 10 previously used filenames. Additionally you can enter a filename, location and format using the standard file save dialog.


Choose the import format from the list.


The button opens a dialog with the options available for the selected import format. These are the same options which can be set in the global options.

Note: When selecting a checkbox you need to select the option first before you can actively change the setting. This is by design to avoid to change an option by accident.

Import As

Here you can select which part of the Mindmap do you want to import.

  • Mindmap
    The complete Mindmap will be imported. Note: This new Mindmap will replace the currently opened Mindmap. If it is modified, the file will be automatically saved.
  • Topic
    The selected Mindmap (or Topic) will be imported as child Topic of the selected Topic. If no Topic is selected, it will be appended to the Subject (root topic).

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