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Export - HTML

The HTML export allows you to import the information of your Mindmap for example to Microsoft Word®. The hierarchy of the Mindmap is preserved and the appropriate heading is applied.

The following additional options are available:

Document Properties

When activating this option, the document properties like author, company etc. will also be exported. This properties will be visible for example in Microsoft Word® as Document Properties.

Internal Topics

By default, Topics marked "internal" will not be exported but you can enable this using this option.

Word 97 compatible

The export of the XML namespace information is suppressed and the Document Properties will be exported as META tags as Microsoft Word® doesn't support the XML properties.

Insert Style Sheet

To adjust the formatting of the generated HTML file, you can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Style Sheet (PC)

Using this field you can specify the style sheet for viewing the HTML page on the desktop PC.

Note: This field is only active when the option "Insert Style Sheet" is activated.

Style Sheet (PDA)

Use this field for the style sheet that will be used when viewing the HTML page on the device.

Note: This field is only active when the option "Insert Style Sheet" is activated.

Scribble as VML

When activated Scribbles will be exported as VML graphics embedded in the HTML page.

Note: Only the Microsoft Internet Explorer (desktop version) will display these graphic, other browsers won't support this format.

Show Task Info

The following Task information will be exported if this option is selected.:
- % Completed
- Priority
- Private
- Start Date
- Due Date

Show In PIE

Optionally the HTML page will be displayed after export within Pocket Internet Explorer.

Note: If the file type "HTML" is associated with a different program the correct program will be invoked.

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