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Export - Bitmap

You can export Mindmaps as images to use them for example within documents or web sites. Available image formats are BMP (Windows Bitmap), PNG (Portable Network Graphic) und JPG.

Tip: The preferable image format is PNG as it has a lossless compression and is widely supported by other programs.

Several options are available:

Magic Symbols

If this option is active, the symbols like the hyperlink type or the text symbol won't be visible on the exported bitmap. These symbols are mainly used for navigation and shortcuts when editing the Mindmap.

Internal Topics

By default, Topics marked "internal" will not be exported. Use this option to allow the export if necessary.


This option is only available for the BMP format as the other formats are always compressed.

When enabling this option, the bitmap will be compressed using the RLE (Run Length Encoding) method. The compressed bitmap is much smaller in size but the standard programs available on the Windows Mobile Devices can't read them. You shouldn't have any problems on the desktop PC.


This option allows you to choose the color depth for the export. Available are 256 and 16 Mio. colors. If you get an out of memory message when exporting, try to reduce the color depth.

This option is not available with the JPG format as it always uses 24bit color depth.

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