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Options - Tasks

Show color codes

If this option is turned on, the Task symbols will be colored according to the due date. Overdue Tasks are red, Task that are due today or tomorrow are colored yellow; all other Tasks with a due date are colored green. Tasks without a due date have a white symbol. If the option is turned off, all Tasks have a white symbol.

Run Outlook after export

This option is the default setting for the results dialog after exporting Tasks from the Task List.

Strikeout completed Tasks

If this option is turned on, the title of completed Tasks will be displayed with a strikethrough font.

Show numeric priority in symbol

The priority of a Task is made visible by an indicator drawn over the symbol. These symbols are similar to these used in Outlook: An exclamation sign for the priority 1 and 2, a down arrow for the priority 4 and 5. Using this option the priority is displayed as a number.

State Inheritance

If this option is turned on a Task will automatically marked complete if all Tasks below are completed. Marking a Task as complete will also mark all Tasks below as complete.

Note: The inherited values will be calculated using the following rules:
- The value of % done will be summed up and divided by the number of Tasks.
- The priority is set to the highest priority of all incomplete Tasks; if all Tasks are completed, the priority is set to highest value of all Tasks.

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