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Options - Map View

Tooltip Font Size

Using this option the font size of the tooltip can be adjusted. The tooltip is visible when the text symbol is tapped.

Editor Font Size

This is the font size used in the text editor of the Topic properties when editing the text of a Topic.

Vertical Topic Distance

The distance between Topic siblings is adjustable with this option.

Connections as Bezier curve

The lines between the Topics are drawn as straight lines by default. You can let Pocket Mindmap display these lines as Bezier curves by using this option.

Warning: But be aware that the calculation of the curves have a performance penalty.

Centered First Level Topic origin

This option adjusts how the lines from the root element of the map to the First Level Topics are drawn. If set, the lines or curves are drawn from the center of the root element.

Line color from Topic

The connection lines between the Topics are colored black by default. By enabling this option the lines have the colors of the target Topics.

Enable In-Place Editing

If this option is activated, Topic titles could be edited directly within the map. Otherwise the Topic properties dialog will be opened. Similar behavior applies when creating new Topics.


This option toggles the visibility of the scrollbars in the Map View. The map can still be moved by dragging the stylus or by using the directional pad.

Full Screen

This option enables the full screen mode. If enabled, the navigation bar on the top will be hidden.

Tip: You could switch to full screen mode by tapping on the symbol in the upper left corner.

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