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Options - General

Default View

The default view is shown every time Pocket Mindmap starts up. In this dialog you can switch the default view from Map View to Outline View. This setting will be active after restarting Pocket Mindmap.

History Limit

This option limits the number of entries in the internal history list. This list is used for the navigation with the Forward and Back button in the main toolbar.

Confirm document conversion

The file format of Pocket Mindmap 1.3.2 has changed. When you open a document of the previous version it will be converted to the new format. You are given an option to choose a new filename for the converted file.

Note: If you load a Mindmap with the Pocket Mindmap file format 1.2 you can choose if you want to convert the file to the newer format or to keep the file format 1.2. You should use the latter option if you need to work with 3rd party programs that still uses the older file format.

Capitalize Topic title

If this option is set, the first letter of the Topic title will be capitalized.

Capitalize Topic text

If this option is set, the first letter of the Topic text will be capitalized.

Preserve line breaks in text

Previous versions of Pocket Mindmap removed any line breaks you've added to the text of a property. With this option you can control if these line breaks should be removed.

Use ClearType

When this option is enabled the text of the Map View, the Task List and the outline view is displayed with ClearType™.

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