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Pocket Mindmap can detect key patterns in the text of a Topic just entered and assign one or more symbols according to the pattern to the Topic. This way, one can very efficiently enter Topics during a brainstorming session and have Pocket Mindmap create visual feedback based on the detected patterns. Of course, the patterns are completely user defined via a simple to use dialog. The dialog can hold as many patterns as needed. Each pattern definition also defines if the detected text should be removed from the Topic or not. The patterns itself can contain wildcard characters to match any character. Here are some samples:

"*!" Recognizes a text which ends with an exclamation mark.
"*?" Recognizes a text which ends with an question mark.
"TASK:*" Recognizes every text that starts with the keyword "TASK:".
"*PMM*" Recognizes every text that contains the keyword "PMM".

Each pattern can define one or more symbols which are assigned to the just entered Topic if the pattern is found in the Topic.

Note: The assignment is only done when the Topic is newly entered. The mechanism is not active when editing an existing Topic.

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