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Topic Properties - Task

If you add a priority to a Topic, it will be defined as a Task. Tasks are marked by the symbols or depending on the completion status.

You can assign a date and time. This is the due date of the Task. Additionally, the start date can be entered. If the Topic doesn't have a priority and you select the option "Completed" or assign a date, the Topic will get the priority 3 and is now automatically a Task. If an open Task has a due date, the following symbols are displayed:

Tasks that are not due today or tomorrow
Tasks that are due today or tomorrow
Overdue Tasks

Note: If you don't want the color coding of the Task State you can turn it off in the global options.

Only for child Topics

The option "Only for child Topics" applies the selected properties (priority, start date, due date, private, completed etc.) to all child Topics. It allows you to comfortably convert a list of Topics into Tasks.

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