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Topic Properties - General


The title is the primary, visible part of a Topic in the Map View of the Mindmap. It should be as short as possible. You can force a line break by inserting a vertical bar (|).

Tip: If you have changed the title by accident and want to cancel the dialog, just empty the title field. When leaving the dialog with OK the title is unchanged.


A hyperlink can be associated to every Topic. There are following types of hyperlinks available:

Hyperlinks to other Topics
They are referring to Topics in the current document and are marked with the symbol .
Hyperlinks to other Mindmaps
They are marked with the symbol or .
Hyperlinks to other documents
They are referring to a document of any type. If Pocket Mindmap was able to determine the associated application the Topic is marked with the symbol .
Hyperlinks to URLs
They are marked with the symbol .

If Pocket Mindmap can't find the referred file, the Topic is marked with the symbol .

With all hyperlink types mentioned above you can follow them by tapping on the hyperlink symbol. If the hyperlink is an external Mindmap, it would be loaded and the destination Topic selected otherwise the associated application executed. When Pocket Mindmap can't find the referred file or doesn't recognize the application, the Topic is marked with the symbol .


You can add categories to the Topic. These categories are the same you use in Outlook. To choose the categories just tap on the button to the right of the text field and select the categories from the list. Additional, you can enter categories directly into the field. But note that they would not be added to the Outlook category list!


The property "Enumeration" defines all child Topics as enumeration and indicates that these Topics are not part of the hierarchy, but only enumerations. This is handy if the data is exported to a text format and you want to distinguish between headlines and enumerations.


By marking a Topic as internal you can exclude them from export. A toolbar button also toggles the visibility. This property will only be set for the currently selected Topic but affects all Topics below.


A dialog with additional information about the current Topic is displayed. It shows the internal ID and the creation and modification date.

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