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Topic Properties - Border

On this dialog you can set the border properties of the Floating Text.

Line Style

Topics can have a border. You can choose between the following styles:

  • none
  • solid
  • dashed
  • dotted


For a solid border you can choose a value between 1 and 10.

The line styles dashed or dotted are only available when using the line width 1. So this option is grayed when choosing these styles.

Note: When using the line style "none", the width is ignored.


Using this setting you can adjust the space between the border and the text of the Floating Text.


This option defines the border color.

Fill Color

With this button you can define the background color of the Topic. If the option is not checked, the background of the Topic is transparent.

Show Arrow

If the Floating Topic is associated to a Topic, this option is available and turned on by default. From the Topics border, a small arrow points in the direction of the associated Topic. If turned of, the arrow will not be drawn, but a dotted line to the Topic is shown when the Floating Topic is selected.

Note: If the Floating Topic isn't associated, the option is not available (grayed).

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