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Mindjet® MindManager® Pro 6

Pocket Mindmap is able to read and write Mindmaps in Mindjet® MindManager® (X5 and 6) format. Because the Pocket PC platform has limitations there are some restrictions.

Important: The Mindmaps will be read and saved completely but not all data can be displayed. This is important, especially when deleting Topics.

Limited Display

The following elements won't be displayed completely:

  • Notes
    Notes will be available and can be edited as XHTML source code in the Topics property dialog. To view the formatted text you'll need to switch to the HTML view. There also images will be displayed as long as they are available in BMP, JPG or PNG format.
  • Ink (Pen mode on the Tablet PC)
    Topics created in the pen mode on the Tablet PC will be displayed as text. The title is set to the recognized text and the graphic representation will be saved within the Mindmap.

No Display

The following elements won't be displayed but are saved within the Mindmap.

  • Sketches
  • Images
  • Floating Topics (callouts) on relationships
  • Boundaries
    As Pocket Mindmap doesn't support boundaries they can't be displayed. Also any to the boundary associated Topics (callouts) won't be visible. Instead you can use the boundaries to view these parts of a Mindmap as Submap.

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