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In this submenu the following menus are available:

The selected Topic is copied to the clipboard and deleted after confirmation.
The selected Topic is copied to the clipboard.
Copy as XML
The selected Topic or Floating Topic is copied to the clipboard in XML format. You can use this format for example to send a part of a Mindmap via email to a colleague, who pastes the XML data in his/her Mindmap.
The Topic in the clipboard is inserted as child of the currently selected Topic. If no Topic is selected, the Topic will be inserted as a new First Level Topic.
Past as Hyperlink
The hyperlink property of the selected Topic will be set to the Topic in the clipboard.

Add Multiple

A simple text editor opens up, allowing to add multiple Topics at once. Each line in the editor is one Topic. To add text to the Topic separate it with a tab from the Topic.

Set Focus

All Topics except the selected will be collapsed. The selected Topic will be positioned in the center of the view.

Promote to Map

The selected Topic will be created as map. A copy of the Topic is left in the map to allow navigation. This menu is disabled, when using the Outline View.


The selected Topic will be the starting point of a Reference. After the selection of the destination Topic a dialog will be displayed where you can select the Reference Type. Before selecting the destination Topic, you can navigate in the Mindmap with the menus, scrollbars or the magic (navigation) symbols.


If the selected Topic has child Topics, a dialog asks, if only the children of the current Topic should be deleted. Otherwise only a simple confirmation dialog is displayed. After the confirmation the chosen Topic(s) will be deleted.


A non-modal search dialog is displayed. The search includes the Topic title, the Topic text and (only in Map View) all Floating Topics.

Note: In the Map View you can use the powerful new IncFinder.

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