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Recently Used

In this submenu the file names of the ten last recently used documents are listed. You can load one of them quickly by tapping on the file name.


The current Mindmap will be saved without leaving the Mindmap.

Save As

The Mindmap can be saved under a different name and / or a different format.

Import / Export

You can export or import the mind map or parts of it in various formats.


The settings of Pocket Mindmap can be modified in this dialog.

Revert to saved

All changes to the document will be discarded and the document reloaded.

Close without saving

You can close the Mindmap without saving. If the mind map was modified a confirmation dialog is displayed.

Utility Functions

From this dialog you have access to some additional functions.


This help file will be displayed.

Tip: If you need help to a dialog within Pocket Mindmap just choose the Help menu from the Start Menu (Windows Flag).


In the about dialog a logo and the version number is displayed. In this dialog you can enter the license key to register the application.

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