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The property dialog of the active map is displayed. There you can modify the map name or background color or view the creation and modification date of the map.


When using the Map View, a dialog with a list of all maps is displayed. After selecting a map name and clicking the OK button the selected map will be displayed.

Note: This menu is only available in the Map View.

Task List

The Task List displays by default all Topics which are defined as Tasks. There are extensive filter settings to adjust the display of the list. Topics defined as Tasks can also be exported to Pocket Outlook.

Filter Settings

This menu opens the Filter Settings dialog which is used with the Task List and with the IncFinder.


The selected Topic will be centered on the screen. If no Topic is selected, the root element of the current map will be centered.

Note: This menu is only available in the Map View.


This dialog shows the document properties. Additionally there is a statistic on the elements in the current Mindmap.

Property Statistics

You can associate custom properties to any of the Topics. This dialog shows a list of all custom properties and calculates the sum, average, minimum, maximum and the standard deviation.

Eagles View

A dialog shows a overview of the current map. You can use the stylus to select the new scroll position of the Map View.

Note: This menu is only available in the Map View.

Outline View

This menu switches to the Outline View (hierarchical text view).

Map View

This menu switches to the Map View (graphical view).

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