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Menu - Document List

In the document list, the following menus are available:


A new Mindmap is created.


Recently Used
In this submenu the file names of the ten last recently used documents are listed. You can load one of them quickly by tapping on the file name.
Receive via Infrared
You can receive Mindmaps via infrared. This menu is only available on devices with Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 (SE) and on the latter only necessary when receiving files from older devices.
The settings of Pocket Mindmap can be modified in this dialog.
Register File Type
The Pocket Mindmap file type is registered during the setup. If the you've lost the association you can use this menu to recreate the file associations.
In the about box, a logo and the version number is displayed. In this dialog you can enter the license key to register the application.
Opens this help file.

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