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How to Navigate in a Map

To save taps and to simplify navigation, Pocket Mindmap defines Magic Symbols.


If the hyperlink property of a Topic is set, a symbol (, , , or , depending on the type of the hyperlink) is displayed after the Topic title. When you tap on this symbol, Pocket Mindmap tries to follow this hyperlink. Is the destination a Topic in the same or an other Map or in a other Pocket Mindmap document, the destination Topic is selected. When the symbol is displayed, Pocket Mindmap can't identify the destination or can't find the destination file. If you tap on this symbol, nothing happens.


Maplinks are created when you promote a Topic to a Map. The remaining Topic get the symbol and the Topic which is the root of the new Map gets the symbol . A tap on these symbols switches the view to the corresponding Map.


By tapping near either end of the Reference arrow the destination Topic will be selected and centered on the screen. When a Topic has multiple References a menu opens and you can select the desired Topic.


Every selection of a Topic and every hyperlink followed is added to a history list. Using the arrow buttons on the menu bar you can go back to the last view position. The number of history entries can be configured in the global options of Pocket Mindmap.

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