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Context Menu - Task List

If the pop-up menu is opened in the priority column, the priority of the Topic can be changed or removed.

Tip: After a change of the Task status you should redisplay the list using the refresh button on the toolbar.

In all other columns the pop-up menu allows the following actions:

Edit Task

The dialog with the Task properties is displayed.

Edit Topic

The Topic property dialog is displayed.

Export to Outlook

The Task will be exported to Pocket Outlook. Pocket Mindmap checks from time to time if there are any changes to the corresponding Outlook Tasks. This menu is only shown if the Topic is a Task and has not been exported.

Show Outlook Task

The corresponding Outlook Task will be displayed and you can modify it as usual. When you close the Task window and return to Pocket Mindmap, the changes will be synchronized. This menu is only available when the Topic is a Task and has been exported.

Go To

The Task List dialog is dismissed and the selected Topic is centered in the Map View or selected in the Outline View.

Delete Topic

After confirmation, the selected Topic and its children will be deleted.

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