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Context Menu - Outline

There are two pop-up menu's in the Outline View, depending on the position of the tap-and-hold action.

If you tap and hold on the Topics info icon the following actions are available:

Edit Text

Opens the text page of the Topics property dialog.

Edit Scribble

Opens the Scribble dialog for viewing and editing.

Edit Symbols

Opens the symbol page of the Topics property dialog.

Edit Hyperlink

Opens the property dialog of the selected Topic.

Follow Hyperlink

This action is only available if the Topic has a hyperlink associated and the hyperlink is valid.

The popup-menu of the Topic shows the following menu items:

Edit Topic

The properties of the selected Topic can be edited in the property dialog. You can open the dialog also by double tapping on the Topic.


A small color window opens and a background color can be selected. To dismiss the color window without selecting a color, just tap on the "x" in the upper right corner of the small window.


The Scribble editor is displayed.


The selected Topic is taken as the starting point of a new Reference. After selecting the end point, a dialog is displayed in which you can select the Reference type.

Show Children

Displays the child Topics.

Insert Above

A new Topic will be inserted above the currently selected Topic.

Export as Text

The selected Topic will be copied to the clipboard formatted as text.

Export as HTML

The selected Topic will be exported in HTML format.

Delete Topic

If the selected Topic has child Topics, a dialog asks if to delete the Topic including the child Topics or just to delete all child Topics. If the selected one has no child Topics, a simple confirmation dialog is displayed. According to the confirmation the Topic(s) are deleted.

The context menu of a Task is the same as in the Map View (Context Menu - Task).

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