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Context Menu - Topic

The following actions are available on the pop-up menu:

Insert Topic

Inserts a new Topic between the selected Topic and its child Topics.

Add Multiple

A simple text editor opens up and allows to add multiple Topics at a time. Each line in the editor is one Topic. To add text to the Topic, separate it with a tab from the Topic (same line!).

You could also enter child Topics by prepending the lines with a tab character.


The properties of the selected Topic can be edited in the property dialog. You can open the dialog also by double tapping on the Topic.


A small color window opens and a background color can be selected. To dismiss the color window without selecting a color, just tap on the "x" in the upper right corner of the small window.


You can add a Scribble to the selected Topic or modify an existing Scribble.


Use this function to create a Reference to another Topic.

Promote to Map

A new Submap will be created and linked to the selected Topic .

Demote Map

The contents of the Map will be inserted below the selected Topic.

Remove Association

The association of the selected Floating Topic to a Topic will be removed.

Note: This menu is only available if a Floating Topic which has an association is selected.


By choosing this menu the selected Floating Topic will be associated to the next selected Topic.

Note: This menu is only available if a Floating Topic which has no association is selected.

As Floating Topic

First level Topics can't be converted to Floating Topic by "ripping off" the Topic as it can be moved freely. So you can use this menu to convert a First Level Topic to a floating one.

Note: This menu is only available if a First Level Topic is selected.

As First Level Topic

The selected Floating Topic will be inserted as First Level Topic.

Note: This menu is only available if a Floating Topic is selected which is not associated to another Topic.


A small control for recording a text note is displayed. When the recording is completed (by tapping on the stop button and then the OK button) a new child Topic of the selected Topic will be created. This new Topic will have the symbol . By tapping on this symbol you can playback the recording.


If a Topic has child Topics, associated Floating Topics or is promoted to a Submap, you can choose between three options:

  1. Delete this, all child Topics and all associated Topics
  2. Delete only child Topics and associated Topics
  3. Delete only this Topic

Which of these options are available depends on the type of Topic selected. So for example you can't delete the subject of a Map. In this case the you can only choose to delete the child Topics of the subject.

If a Topic has no child Topics only a simple confirmation dialog is displayed.

Depending on some Topic properties magic symbols are displayed. These symbols also have pop-up menus.

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