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Add Multiple

This dialog is a small text editor to enter multiple Topics quickly and at once. Each line will be a Topic. To add text to the Topic, separate it from the Topic title by a tab character.

To add a complete structure, indent each line with the appropriate number of tab characters or spaces at the beginning of the line.

The toolbar:

Import a text file
A standard file selection dialog opens and you can choose the file to import. To make the selection more comfortable you can define file type filters in the options.
removes the text and places it on the clipboard.
copies the text to the clipboard.
inserts the text from the clipboard into the text window.

Find and replace text. The small arrow near the symbol allows to switch between find and replace.
inserts a tab character. This is convenient if you're not using the onscreen keyboard when the tab key is difficult to reach. When multiple lines are selected all of them are indented.
Opens the option dialog.

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