Linking to Pocket Mindmap

If you want to link to Pocket Mindmap, please refer to our homepage only, because all of the content is created by a CTS (Content Transition System)[1] and can change dynamically. Due to the CTS it is very easy to restructure the whole web presentation so that a link to a specific document on an absolute path may become void.

Some documents can have a special ID, which allows you to address that page independent of its current path within the presentation web. This ID is called an INDOORID, and the web provides a special URL where you can link to, providing the INDOORID as a parameter. The URL forwards you to the current location of the page identified by the INDOORID. This allows a very flexible, path independent addressing. For example, if you want to link to our English sitemap page, you write a link like this:


All addressable pages in this web have their INDOORID shown in the lower right corner of the page, near the INDOOR Logo.

If you want to link to our main page with a banner, you can use the following one to do so:


Or you can just use the smaller logo:



HBB Indoor


[1] The CTS is HBB INDOOR (