Known Issues

There are some issues in the current version of Pocket Mindmap, which can be interpreted as bugs or at least “bad behavior”. This document is regularly updated to reflect the current state of the program.


  • Positioning of subtopics
    under certain conditions an overlapping of subtopics occur, especially if there are topics with a line break involved. In most cases the overlapping can be corrected by reloading the document. This is a known bug we are going to fix in the next version.
  • Document List
    Pocket Mindmap uses the file extension .pmap. The document list shows all documents with this extension. But it shows also all files with a shorter extension that begins with the same letters (like .pm). This is a problem with the document list and can’t be changed.



Note on activation: The license key and the name are both part of the activation process. To successfully activate the software, both must be entered exactly as they show up in you license key document or email. After you entered the key, exit the Program via its Tools-Exit Menu to make sure the license is internally stored.