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What's new in 1.3.2

Mindjet® MindManager®

This version supports the file format of Mindjet® MindManager® directly. That means you can copy your MindManager® Mindmaps to your Pocket PC (or let ActiveSync do it) and edit them with Pocket Mindmap.


The IncFinder allows you to find Topics quickly also in large Mindmaps.

Compressed File Format

Optionally you can save your Pocket Mindmap files as compressed file.


The Topic text now supports XHTML.

Extended Editing of Topics in the Map View

  • Automatic word wrapping for Topics
    When entering Topics the title will be wrapped after 200 pixel. Using the handles on the selection frame you can adjust the width of the Topic.
  • "RipOff" Topics
    You can convert a Topic by "ripping off" from its parent to a Floating Topic which can positioned freely on the Mindmap.

Floating Topics

Floating Topics are extended in this version so that they now can have child Topics. Now they only differ from normal Topics in that they can freely positioned on the map.


Improved Scribble editing:

  • Move selected strokes
  • Resizing of selected strokes
  • Export and import of strokes as shapes
  • Copy and paste of strokes
  • Export Scribble as bitmap (PNG, JPG, BMP) or vector graphic (SVG, EMF, VML)