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What’s New in Pocket Mindmap 1.2?

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Version 1.2 also brings these new features:



  • Outline View
    with rich editing and organizational functions. Use this view side by side or as an alternative to the map view.
  • Info Icons
    indicate the content of the topics in the new outline view.
  • Eagle’s View
    let you see your whole map from a very high altitude – and instantly navigate anywhere.
  • Custom Property Statistic
    let you see all important figures of your map at one glance! It calculates sums, means, minima, maxima and the standard deviation of all your numeric properties.
  • Categories
    Use the categories from Pocket Outlook for all your topics. The Task List offers a new filter for categories as well.
  • Sync with Outlook Tasks
    a live connection to Pocket Outlook keeps your tasks in sync! Change the state of the task either in Pocket Outlook or in Pocket Mindmap – they will be kept in sync by Pocket Mindmap!
  • Floating Text
    Text items can be placed anywhere in the map now, with or without a connection to a topic.
  • Data Format
    we largely extended the XML data format to be able to adapt to third party software like Mindjets Mindmanager. The upcoming Desktop Partner for Pocket Mindmap will do the transfer between both programs.


For Developers:

  • XML Schema of the PMAP file format as W3C Schema (.xsd) available.


of version 1.0 or 1.1
update for free!



The following issues are fixed in this new version:


·          Hyperlink Save Problem
Pocket Mindmap saves your changes correctly now, when you follow a hyperlink from an unsaved map to another map.

·          Outline Crash
the bug that crashes the program after using the refresh and notes buttons in the outline view is fixed now.

·          Color Dialog
The defunct color dialog on Pocket PC 2002 devices is now fixed.

·          More…
several minor issues where also fixed, and some dialogs are changed to be more descriptive or more explicit.


Eagles View

The map looks small from a higher altitude, and makes it easy to navigate wherever you want. This is especially useful if your maps tend to grow to larger dimensions. A blue wire frame shows your actual display size and position.



Outline View

Pocket Mindmap now has a real outline mode. The nice outline dialog from version 1.1 evolved to a rich featured peer to the map view. Enter new topics with just a tip of your stylus. Edit topics in place. Organize your topics with drag and drop – just move them with your stylus. Info Icons inform you about the state of a topic. Tasks have a checkbox; you can check or uncheck directly in this view.

A toolbar for often used outline functionality is also available.




Custom Property Statistics

Ever wondered what the custom properties are good for? Try the new statistic overview. It instantly gives you valuable information on the properties you assigned to values – may they be costs, hours of work, grades or what ever numerical values you used. The sample shows the statistic on some planets data.


Floating Text

You can place text boxes now freely on the map. This allows annotations, hints, remarks and many more applications. These text boxes can optionally be connected to a topic, and then they are moved with their topic. Optionally they can visually refer to their topic with a little arrow. And yes, you can define the appearance of the text box in a rich way: Back color, font family, font size, bold, italic, font color, padding, frame color, frame style and horizontal and vertical alignment. And they can size automatically in a very smart way!


Living Task Sync

The new Task Sync Feature keeps your tasks up to date with Pocket Outlook. You can check you tasks in Outlook or in Pocket Mindmap – they are automatically kept in sync! And tasks have all the properties needed: start date, due date, private flag and categories. Pocket Mindmap even uses the same categories that are stored in your Pocket Outlook!


Additional Toolbar

This additional toolbar gives you easy access to often needed functionality in the Map View and in the Outline View.


Free Update

This update is free of charge. There is no need for a new registration key. Just install the new software. The registration remains valid. If you are in the middle of the trial period, you can just continue with this new Version. To use this software after the initial trial period, you must have a valid license key. You can purchase your license online. Information on purchase is found at The trial version can be found at


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