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Pocket Mindmap 1.2.4

Download here


What is fixed in version 1.2.4?


§         Problem in Add Multiple fixed. This problem occurs only on the HP Jornada 545/548.

§         Problem in text popup fixed.

§         Default font adjusted when demoting a map.

§         Info Icon display problems in outline view fixed.

§         The menu indicators where wrong after setting different default view. (Please restart Pocket Mindmap when setting new default view.)


What is new in version 1.2.4?


§         New topic below task is automatically a task with the same priority

§         Added "Add Multiple" to topic popup menu (map and outline view)

§         Added "Save Scribble" to Info Icon popup menu in outline view

§         Quicktask button in toolbar: Task remembers previous setting

§         if the text of a topic is deleted (may be accidentially) in properties dialog, there will now be a confirmation dialog.


How to install?


Just install the new version over the old one. This update is free of charge, the license keys are still valid.