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Pocket Mindmap 1.2.2

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What is fixed in version 1.2.2?


§         Re-activating Pocket Mindmap after tapping the Smart Minimize Button (Pocket PC 2002) now works.

§         Transcriber now works correctly in outline view.

§         In-Place editing in outline view now works also on Pocket PC 2002.

§         The editing of the text in the text window of the outline view now works again.

§         When using the tap-and-hold feature in Pocket PC 2002 the red circle animation occurs twice before the popup menu was shown. This is now fixed.

§         Synchronizing tasks with Pocket Outlook is optionally done only when loading and saving mind maps.


What is new in version 1.2.2?


§         In the outline view the font size of the tree and the text window can be adjusted.

§         In the map view the font size for the tool tips can also be adjusted.

§         Optional use of ClearType™ fonts in map view, outline view, task list and property statistics-

§         Tasks now can also have info icons in outline view.

§         A new dialog with helper functions. At this time there is only one helper function:

o       Re-Link Tasks: Pocket Mindmap searches for all tasks that contains the document ID and re-establishes the link between the task and the topic.

§         The online help file now supports the keyword search of the Pocket PC 2002 help.