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Why Pocket Mindmap 1.2.1

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We found bugs that had to be fixed as soon as possible. So we released version 1.2.1 of Pocket Mindmap. Following issues are fixed:

§         While converting from the file format of version 1.0 and 1.1 the scribbles were lost.

§         When creating a floating text without a text but with a symbol, Pocket Mindmap crashes.

§         The text of a task didn’t synchronize.

§         For an unsaved Mindmap the GUID isn’t generated. This prevents the synchronization of some tasks.

§         If the subject of a task is removed in Outlook, Pocket Mindmap removes the topic title accordingly. This behaviour changed: Pocket Mindmap now writes the original topic title into the subject of the task.

§         The property dialog of a task allowed setting a start date without a due date. This has been changed to the same behaviour as in Pocket Outlook.

§         When promoting a topic to a map and when demoting a map, the default font formats wouldn’t be applied. This is now corrected.

§         The „Pocket Mindmap“ item from the New menu of the Today page is now working as intended.