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What’s changed in Pocket Mindmap 1.1?


This Version is mainly a bug fix release, but also invents some new features to the program.


Chinese characters are now possible too!

The following issues are fixed in this new version.


  • Chinese Characters
    Chinese characters (and other multi byte characters) in a Mindmap where lost when the map was reloaded or displayed as “???”. In some cases it was not possible to reload the map file because some characters at the end of the XML file where truncated.
  • Topic dropped on promoted map
    there was a strange behavior when a topic was dropped on another topic that is a promoted map.
  • Values of Custom Properties in topics
    the values of the custom properties in topics have not been stored with the properties. This is fixed now.
  • Scribble Cut
    there where some confusing menu functions from the map mode visible in the Scribble Editor. These are removed.
  • Task due date
    the due date couldn't be removed from a task. This is now fixed.
  • More…
    Several minor issues where also fixed, and some dialogs are changed to be more descriptive or more explicit.


Version 1.1 also brings some new features:


  • Task Coloring
    the tasks magic symbols are, depending on their due date, colored in green, yellow or red.
  • Hyperlinks to Documents
    the browse dialog for hyperlinks is now able to browse for files other than Pocket Mindmap documents. This makes it much easier to set a hyperlink to such a document.
  • Preservation of Text
    Pocket Mindmap preserves now all your white spaces and new lines in the topic text. This can be optionally disabled to match the behavior of version 1.0.




Tasks are now colored according
to their due date.



This update is free of charge. There is no need for a new registration key. Just install the new software. The registration remains valid. If you are in the middle of the trial period, you can just continue with this new Version. To use this software after the initial Trial period, you must have a valid license key. You can purchase your license online. Information on purchase is found at


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