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Map View

The Map View graphically displays the current map. You can select and move the Topics with the stylus.

By tapping on the background of the map you can move the work area on the screen. You can also use the horizontal or vertical scroll bars if they are not turned off.

You can collapse a Topic by tapping on the junction between a Topic and its child Topics. A small arrow is displayed to indicate that there are child Topics. By tapping on the arrow, the Topic will be expanded.

Toolbar buttons

Return to the last selected Topic.
Advance to the next Topic in the history list.
Show / Hide additional toolbar.

Additional toolbar

Quickly apply or remove the "bold" style.
Quickly apply or remove the "italic" style.
Quick Task
Quickly changes the Task status of the selected Topic. This button is a toggle button: a Topic will become a Task and a Task will become a normal Topic.
Edit text
Quickly open the property dialog for editing text.
Add / edit Scribble
Quickly open the Scribble editor.
Add / edit symbol
Quickly open the property dialog to select symbols
Set Focus
Collapses all Topics but the selected.
Manage / edit Reference types.
Show / Hide internal Topics.

There are pop-up menus for nearly all elements in the Map View:

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