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Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing Tasks

Space bar Increase Task completion status or set it to 0
Ctrl+0 No priority (i.e. no Task)
Ctrl+1 Priority 1
Ctrl+2 Priority 2
Ctrl+3 Priority 3
Ctrl+4 Priority 4
Ctrl+5 Priority 5

Editing Topics

Ctrl+B Bold on/off
Ctrl+I Italic on/off
Ctrl+E Edit Topic (in place)
Ctrl+T Edit the text of a Topic
Alt+S Add or edit Scribble
Ctrl+N Add new Topic as child of the current Topic
Ctrl+A Add multiple Topics at once
Alt+RETURN Show Topic properties
Ctrl+K Toggle "internal" state of the Topic

Copy and Paste

Ctrl+C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste from clipboard
Shift+ Ctrl+V Paste Topic on the clipboard as hyperlink


Ctrl+G Previous Topic in the history list.
Shift + Ctrl+G Next Topic in the history list
Shift + Ctrl+F Follow hyperlink


Ctrl+F Find Topic
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+S Save current file
Alt + H Invokes context sensitive help
Ctrl+Q Quit Pocket Mindmap
Ctrl+M Switches between Map View and Outline View

Map View

Ctrl+D Expand / Collapse Topics
Shift + Ctrl+L Follow a map link (back and forth)
Shift + Ctrl+M Promote a Topic to a new map
Shift + Ctrl+D Demote Map
Shift + Ctrl+K Set focus on selected Topic and collapse all other
Shift + Ctrl+T Create a Floating Topic associated to the selected Topic
Ctrl+HOME Positions the selected Topic or the Subject in the center of the view
Shift + Cursor keys Move selected First Level Topic
Ctrl+ Cursor keys Select Topic
Cursor keys Scroll the view
Alt + F Toggle full screen mode
: (colon) Invoke IncFinder
TAB Invoke IncFinder with last result set or hides the IncFinder window

Outline View

Ctrl+TAB Set the focus to the tree or to the text window
RETURN Insert a new Topic below the selected Topic (as sibling)
Shift + RETURN Insert a new Topic above the selected Topic (as sibling)
Ctrl+ Cursor right Indent Topic
Ctrl+ Cursor left Outdent Topic
Ctrl+ Cursor up Move Topic up
Ctrl+ Cursor down Move Topic down


Ctrl+C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+E Export selected strokes as shape
Ctrl+I Import shape