Does Pocket Mindmap support VGA Resolution on 2003SE devices?


Regarding version 1.3.1 of Pocket Mindmap:

Without further action, Pocket Mindmap runs on VGA devices using the “double pixling feature” of those devices (Emulation). This results in a normal non VGA resolution when using the program.


You can force Pocket Mindmap into the real VGA Mode by copying a DLL into its program folder. This file is named “PocketMindmap.exe.0409.mui” for English versions and “PocketMindmap.exe.0407.mui” for German version and can be found in our download area. The disadvantage of this approach is that some elements are very small (Toolbars) and sometimes hard to operate.


Step by Step:


  1. Make sure, Pocket Mindmap is not currently running.
    You can terminate it via Ctrl-Q on the keyboard or via the task manager.
    Note that pressing the (X)-Button of its window only drops the program in the background.
  2. Copy the .mui file for your language version into the program folder where the PocketMindmap.exe is located.
  3. Restart Pocket Mindmap.

Regarding version 1.3.2 of Pocket Mindmap:

This version is currently in public beta and will have more built-in support for VGA resolutions, such as bigger Toolbars in high resolution and redesigned dialogs for use with landscape mode. The .mui file is not required here.

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