Will run Pocket Mindmap run on my PDA?

All Pocket PCs are supported. If you do not know which version is right for you, just download “Pocket Mindmap.exe” or “Pocket” to your PC and execute it. Active Sync will care for the installation on your Pocket PC device. (That’s by the way the reason why the file is so large (4MB) – it contains all versions!).
Only if you do not have a PC for the installation, or if you like to carry the installation program with you on a storage card, it makes sense to use the CAB files instead. Those files are specific to the type of processor your device is using.  Very often, the "Pocket" will be the right one, because al newer Pocket PCs  (since 2002) are based on an ARM compatible processor. Some older devices, like the Casio E125 (MIPS) or the HP Jornada 545 have another processor (SH3).
Casio E200 again uses an ARM processor.

Pocket Mindmap doesn’t accept my License Key.

The License Key consists of the Name and the Key as a combination. To activate Pocket Mindmap it is required to enter BOTH exactly as written in you License Key Message. Make sure you have the current version (1.2.4 or newer) of Pocket Mindmap.

How can I add a line break in a topic display text?

Just enter a pipe symbol („|“), where the line break should occur. PMM breaks the line at the pipe symbol.

How do I avoid saving an accidentally changed Mindmap?

There are two ways to save the day:

1.       Save the currently open file in a new file by using the „Save as“ function in the Tools menu.

2.       Use the function „Revert to Saved“ from the Tools menu. Pocket Mindmap reloads the last saved file, dismissing all your changes you made since then.

Where do I find information about a Map, like date of creation or date of last change?

In the Map Menu under Properties you find a dialog with this information. It is related to the currently active Map.

How can I exchange a Pocket Mindmap file with people who do not own a copy of Pocket Mindmap?

You can export an outline of your Mindmap, and also a graphical representation of your Map as a BMP file. This file can be viewed with a common graphics program. Make sure, your graphic program can display RLE BMP files or turn off this option in Pocket Mindmaps export options. RLE is a compression method to reduce the size of the resulting file. Of course, you can send these exported files as email.

How can I find a specific text I used in a big Mindmap?

There are two ways:
Use the Find function of Pocket Mindmap to jump to all topics containing the text sequentially, or make use of the text filter in the Task View. Note: The Task View is not limited to displaying tasks! Here you can see all topics at once.

I saved a map as bitmap. But the Pocket Internet Explorer can't read it. Why?

To save memory Pocket Mindmap saves bitmaps compressed (RLE = Run Length Encoding). The builtin applications of the Pocket PC can't read them. If you need to view them on the Pocket PC, you need to disable the compression in the options on the "Export" tab.

Can I improve the Performance of Pocket Mindmap?

There is a document available that discusses this issue in some detail. Find it here.

How can I deinstall Pocket Mindmap?

Pocket Mindmap supports the Pocket PC way to install and deinstall software. But in some cases the deinstallation fails because the operating system keeps open one of Pocket Mindmaps DLLs, so it cannot be deleted. So it is reqired to do the following steps:

-  Make sure to end all running Programs. This will have all your open files closed.

-  Perform a soft reset.

-  Now run the Deinstall procedure.