CAB vs. Setup

Why there are two different ways to setup Pocket Mindmap on the Pocket PC?

It does not matter which way you go, in both cases Pocket Mindmap is installed completely on your device. The difference is whether you use a desktop PC to setup the software or do it directly on your Pocket PC. In the first case you use the setup program on your desktop PC, which transfers everything necessary to your Pocket PC and installs it there. The latter case requires that you get the CAB File on the Pocket PC and execute it (i.e. in the TEMP-Directory). After the install process finishes, the CAB file gets automatically deleted, so keep a copy of it elsewhere!

An advantage of the setup program is that you can select the install location: main memory or storage card.


Whichever way you choose – Pocket Mindmap is installed completely and with its full functionality on you Pocket PC. Enjoy it!


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